If you are not up to date on conservatorships, you might want to start off our primer in Part 1, a general overview of what conservatorships are all about. Here, I will dig a little deeper into the roles of conservators.

What are the types of Conservators in California Probate Court?

Thank you for asking. Their are two types.

  • Conservator of Estate: This is the conservator of finance. This is the person who would go in and pay mom’s bills when she finds she cannot manage them.
  • Conservator of Person: A person appointed to this position is in charge of making personal decisions about safety, shelter, and health needs. This person is charge of making sure that the conservatee, the person requiring care, is taken care of, properly.

In California, you can be a conservator of person, estate, or both. Just because you are one sort of conservator does not mean that you have the duties or responsibilities of the other.

What are the duties?

Before I give you a list, the best advice I can give you is to download California’s Handbook for Conservators. This lengthy tome is a Godsend to anyone involved in the conservatorship process. It is a valuable resource. I took this short list of duties directly from the guide.

Duties of Conservator of person:

  • You care for a conservator’s general welfare and protection
  • Make decisions about where the person cared for will live
  • Arrange for health care
  • Plan and arrange meals
  • Make clothing decisions
  • Personal care needs are your responsibility
  • You will attend to their transportation needs
  • Ensure housekeeping is maintained
  • You will make decisions and arrangements about their recreation

Duties of Conservator of estate:

  • Manage the assets of the person you care for
  • You locate, control, and protect their assets
  • Collection of their income
  • Payment of their bills
  • Investing the conservatee’s assets appropriately
  • Creation of a budget
  • You will need to report back to the court

For everyone’s protection, there are strict rules that must be heeded.

In the next installment of our exploration into conservatorships, I will unpack the Britney Spears most recent conservatorship court fiasco. Part 3, should be fascinating.

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