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Britney Spears Conservatorship: Conservatorships, Pt. 3

britney spears conservatorship

As promised, here is part 3 of our conservatorship series. This time we do a little digging into the Britney Spears conservatorship case. If you want to catch up you can start with Conservatorships, Pt. 1 and Conservatorships, Pt. 2. For the most part we have focused on the use of conservatorships when we have…

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Avoiding Probate: Your How To Guide

avoiding probate

You know avoiding probate is what you want. You may not even know why you want it but you know you do. Some of you are probably asking, what is probate and why would we want to be avoiding probate? Probate is a process of law that deals with a will after a person dies.…

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Dudek v. Dudek: What’s in a trust?

Dudek v. Dudek

Dudek v. Dudek is a case that boils down to the creation of a trust. This is the story. One brother, JD, took out a life insurance policy and at the same time created an irrevocable trust with the only assets being the policy and $100. He made David, another Dudek brother, the trustee and…

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Trolan v. Trolan: Sibling Trust Distribution

trolan v. trolan

Trolan v. Trolan sheds light on a not so uncommon situation involving siblings and trust distributions. Lets get into the facts to see if Trolan v. Trolan is a case you need to be aware of. Dad and Mom are parents to 6 lovely children. In 1974, they do the right thing and execute a…

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