Dudek v. Dudek: What’s in a trust?

Dudek v. Dudek

Dudek v. Dudek is a case that boils down to the creation of a trust. This is the story. One brother, JD, took out a life insurance policy and at the same time created an irrevocable trust with the only assets being the policy and $100. He made David, another Dudek brother, the trustee and…

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Trolan v. Trolan: Sibling Trust Distribution

trolan v. trolan

Trolan v. Trolan sheds light on a not so uncommon situation involving siblings and trust distributions. Lets get into the facts to see if Trolan v. Trolan is a case you need to be aware of. Dad and Mom are parents to 6 lovely children. In 1974, they do the right thing and execute a…

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What Happens if I Die Intestate, without a will?

die intestate

If you die intestate, it means that you die without a will. If you live in California, you will want to pay attention because your heirs will be dealing with the laws of intestate succession in California. Before I go any further, I have to say that this is not the preferred way of dying,…

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